terry’s style & approach


Whether for individual therapy or couples counseling, Terry Klee won’t just look quietly at you and nod her head. She believes in the potential of her clients. This is why Terry’s approach is candid collaboration, to open up your choices and possibilities, personally and with others.

In Terry’s own words:

what you say is as important as what I say; we’re having conversations and really listening and building upon each other’s input.

Terry really does collaborate because...

  • How you feel and see things is the most important guidepost. Terry knows what it’s like to be “talked down at” and she hyper-guards against this.

  • You will cover a lot of ground. Terry believes in the human capacity, and knows the importance of subtly challenging her clients. Just the same, Terry will see to it that your sessions are enjoyable along the way. There’s no purpose in your arriving and leaving Terry’s office feeling bad.

  • Of course, you want substance. Terry is studied in neurobiology and interpersonal dynamics, like how you have the capacity to discover more possibilities in yourself and in life.

  • Terry’s style will appear natural and easy-going, making your time pleasurable. However, she takes your interests seriously, using skills that support forward movement.

Terry really does get it.

Perhaps the reason Terry really gets the importance of couples counseling and psychotherapy is because Terry has sat where her clients sit. She holds a real respect for what it’s like when one enters her office. Having experienced both constructive and not-so constructive help herself, Terry is motivated to make psychotherapy and couples counseling more contemporary. Maybe this is why clients often say,

we’re in the worst time of our lives and yet we’ve never felt more hopeful. 

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