While our relationship’s round-and-round momentum shapes who we are, it does not have to limit who we want to become. 
— Terry Klee, for ELLE Magazine

Terry’s expertise & credentials

Many therapists say they *see* couples. But do they really train and specialize in how to collaborate with you without making matters worse — whether you’re coming in by yourself or as a couple?

Klee remarks:

“All at once, there can be upset, silence, uncertainty, finger-pointing. It’s critical that the therapist not get swept away in this, which happens if one is not well-trained. It’s my responsibility to stay clear-headed, astute. Clients rely on me for this.”

Twenty-five Years.

Educated at Columbia University, Terry brings twenty-five years of experience in healthcare, psychotherapy, and interpersonal dynamics. She holds intensive post-graduate training in psychodynamic theories, motivational methods, and integrative medicine for mental health — to give you only the short list. What this means to you is long-term benefits for your relationships — even more so, for a fulfilling life. 

National Speaker.

Terry speaks nationally, is published in ELLE and MORE magazines, and is former editor of a psychoanalytic journal, InTouch. Her research is cited in professional journals, and she is working on a book about identity beyond the obvious, tackling one of the most challenging dynamics for couples and individuals: love and fulfillment other than through one’s children.

smart, experienced, & Collaborative.

Terry’s specialized post-graduate training helps people understand how their relationships’ undercurrents define them. To make sense of a relationship’s unseen dynamics, Terry invites clients into the fascination of how our brains and our relationships naturally hang onto a tit-for-tat motion.

While this round-and-round momentum shapes who we are, it does not have to limit who we want to become. 

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