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It’s Terry Klee's rare combination of humility and capability that makes sessions feel so enjoyable and collaborative. She grounds her work in up-to-date research. So, clients gain useful info that expands their notions and choices. 

Enjoy Couples counseling, Individual therapy, or online therapy:

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  • Revive the verve and vitality, the space and intimacy

  • Clear up marital disillusion: Weighing the how’s of reconciliation

  • Make strengths out of an otherwise on-going conflict

  • Rewrite one’s self in and outside of an existing relationship

  • Rise from trauma to hope — Loss, betrayals, affairs

  • Leverage the little known facts of how and why we love — and lust— the way we do. The neuroscience of intimacy and sex.

  • Create a phoenix out of flames: Becoming a person and relationship better than even before.

  • See also Individual Psychotherapy, below, for more goals and priorities.

  • Experienced in both online counseling and, of course, in person.

Individual Psychotherapy

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash. “Happy vibrant relationships are so possible when you find a great therapist.” Terry Klee

  • Often we’re not in a relationship or our partner isn’t quite yet inclined to “do” therapy. It is possible to discover fantastic relationships going it solo in sessions, such as . . .

  • Create fulfillment, security, and excitement in existing relationships

  • Rise from losses and betrayals: Finding meaning and direction

  • Realize your own potential and the role of interpersonal neurobiology

  • Make use of how-to tips towards fulfillment into life’s later years

  • Experienced in both online therapy and, of course, in-person sessions.

Photo by  Eduardo Dutra  on  Unsplash . For Terry Klee, Professional Teletherapy

Photo by Eduardo Dutra on Unsplash. For Terry Klee, Professional Teletherapy


Let’s meet where you’re at. There’s plenty of reasons someone can’t get to a therapist’s office, and yet you still want higher quality therapy. Online therapy — also known as teletherapy or online counseling — is a viable option. All you need is WiFi, FaceTime or Skype.

To see if online therapy suits you, feel free to email Terry for an initial trial.

(Terrific, and what’s the fee?)

Mind-Body Connection — Integrative medicine for mental health

Body Mind Connection. Terry Klee is a certified practitioner in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. Photo by  Alex Block  on  Unsplash .

Body Mind Connection. Terry Klee is a certified practitioner in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash.

Even with the best psychotherapist, sometimes, no amount of talk is going to help.

Sometimes, our bodies are running the show in our minds — and our lives. Most therapists overlook this, and therapy never ends. Unless —

Unless, one gets a much better therapist than that. Terry Klee is certified in the scientific knowledge of how your physical health pushes your mind around. Read more >>