Terry Klee

Beyond Cliche’


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the therapists’ therapist

We were in the worst time of our lives and yet we’d never felt more hopeful.

Beyond Cliche’


For couples and individual psychotherapy, it is Terry Klee’s balance of intelligence and been-there-myself grace that gives her clients a careful choice beyond cliche’ psychotherapy. 

Most therapists work only in the obvious, pointing out only what people already know. Unfortunately, this can make people feel worse: embarrassment, anger, uncertainty. It doesn’t have to be this way.

"...it is not about the what. It’s about the how and why: the unseen back-and-forth that goes on between us and others..."

you’ve a long-term gain, beyond whatever prompted you to seek counseling.

Life Opens Up.

About Terry

Known as the Therapist’s Therapist, Terry helps people see beyond the obvious, so they can feel even better about their lives and enjoy more possibilities in their futures. 


services & Fee

Clients are not treated like stopwatch appointments, but like sincere guests with a professional goal.


the goal

People are smart. they don’t need someone to tell them what they already know. they don’t need short-lived, bandaid suggestions either.

This is because it is not about the What. It’s about the How and Why: the unseen back-and-forth that goes on between us and others.

These dynamics are hard to see, at first. But, when we do, we. . .

Become more sure-footed in our current situations and future ones

Move forward to surprisingly creative and expansive prospects

Enjoy a clear sense of direction, even fullfillment

We’ve a long-term gain, beyond whatever prompted us to seek psychotherapy.

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