Shuddering with Courage To Start Again

Terry Klee best therapists woman opening shudders

This website is new. Yes, there was another one, for a long long time. I was quite attached to it.

But, I also wanted to adventure into designing and writing my own content for my website — without having to pay a web-builder each time I updated it.

So here I am. And, frankly, there I was.

So much so that, for more than a couple of years, I kept paying “the guy” as I kept putting off any sort of starting anew.

What hung me up the most was just how much I was going to have to let go of. In short, a lot. And by “a lot” I mean ten years of monthly blog posts. Over a hundred or so, to be exact. But, who’s counting. This is what made me hang on longer — and longer. Blog posts can’t be transferred to a new domain provider.

But, today, I am out on the new unbeaten path. This new website. And, it feels refreshing — even with my occasional sighs.

Stay tuned for monthly posts on love, hope, loss, how-to’s, and also the occasion why-the-fuh! as well. It’ll all amass happily again.

~ Terry Klee